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  • December 19, 2023
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The realistic fiction genre is the literature depicting the closest realistic settings, including the characters, events, plots, etc. The concepts of “fiction” and “realistic” denote that the narrative is made up, while the ‘realistic’ implies that it is based on true events. With their writing style, the realistic fiction authors reflect the real experiences. In a nutshell, realistic fiction includes the elements of realism.

Realistic fiction is a persuasive source to help underage readers attain a deeper understanding of real-life and worldly challenges. This way, the kids can empathize with the characters and relate them to realistic circumstances. The genre teaches them that we are more alike than different, regardless of the situation. We crave friends and our identity, and we feel the good and bad – no matter what culture or language we belong to. The best realistic fiction books for middle schoolers fire the strong imagination while providing the kids with a realistic perspective into different countenances of life.

There are some of the basic elements of realistic fiction and classics of the genre following contemporary recommendations.

Basic Elements of Realistic Fiction

If you find the following elements in the book, the story fits into the respective genre.

  • Characters

The depiction of the characters in the realistic fiction stories could exist in the real world, which alternatively means there will be no superheroes, talking animals, or fairy tale animations. The characters should be pictured so that you can relate to yourself or help you understand different cultures, religions, genders, sexuality, socioeconomic status, etc.

  • Settings

Typically, realistic fiction takes place in a typical area of reality—a location that is not just conceivable but also feasible. As opposed to concentrating on outer space, consider a neighborhood or school. Although the exact location of a town or school can be imagined, it must approximate locations known to exist on Earth.

  • Events

The characters of the story tackle the real-world issues that lead the story. The events may include bullying, family issues, and friendship drama, delineating an individual’s problems. Apart from these, realistic fiction books promote social issues like racism, mental health awareness, etc.

  • Time

Realistic fiction supervenes in the present time or recent past. If a story is set long ago, it is more likely a perfect fit for historical fiction. Some classic realistic fiction for kids might seem historical fiction to modern readers, but it is necessary to remember that they were contemporary when written.

Let’s dig into a few examples of the best realistic fiction books for young adults. If you are looking for:

#1 My Fourth of July by Jerry Spinelli

The book is about the celebration of America’s Independence Day on the 4th of July. It is a big day for the American nation. There is a little boy who is enthusiastic about celebrating the day and wakes up to the seconds of parades, drums, and cymbals. However, he preferred to help his mother prepare the big picnic. The other kids will follow the boy participating in the festivities and are excited for the fireworks shows. Watching the children cheering, parents will feel the nostalgia from their childhoods. An amazing read was available on Amazon.

#2 Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

Anne Shirley, a redheaded orphan, is an 11-year-old protagonist of the story and lives with her brother, Mathew, and sister, Marilla Cuthbert. Both siblings consider her a burden, and Anne must win the Cuthberts. She has to adjust to her new community on Prince Edward Island. She inspired and charmed the hearts of countless readers. The inspiring read is available online.

#3 Ramona Quimby by Beverly Cleary

Ramona Quimby’s life is crammed with relatable childhood moments, either speaking facts straightforward to her third-grade teacher or befriending a school bully. When she steps into 8, she deals with unexpected responsibilities as her parents go to the world, so she rides the bus herself. This timeless adventure seems a bit unrealistic because an 8-year-old Ramona has to deal with tragic ups and downs. It is one of the best realistic fiction books for middle schoolers, available online.

#4 Henry Huggins by Beverly Cleary

Once, a boy went to Librarian Beverly Cleary and asked her about realistic fiction for kids. She couldn’t give him because there weren’t many books in that genre. Thus, she set herself to write some realistic fiction for kids and became one of the best realistic fiction authors. Henry Huggins is a tale about a simple third-grade boy who adopts a stray dog. This book led Cleary to write the best realistic fiction books for middle schoolers.

#5 The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

S.E. Hinton, one of the famous realistic fiction authors, wrote The Outsiders in High School and sold her book at 17. The story revolves around the 14-year-old Ponyboy Curtis, whose world is separated into two categories: Socs, who have money, and Greasers, who don’t. Ponyboy is a proud greaser and one of the titular societal “outsiders” until a violent gang confrontation expands out of control. This realistic fiction for kids is an amazing read, available online.

#6 Nina Soni: Former Best Friend by Kashmira Sheth

Nina is a lovable Indian American girl but rattlebrained as she deals with her real-life challenges. She has so many things to cope with lately. She has a writing assignment due and is clueless about being creative with the blank page. On the other hand, her best is furious as she destroys her project. Also, her little sister Kavita’s birthday is around the corner. Will she be able to deal with all of the things? Read the Nina Soni: Former Best Friend online and see what happens next in the story.


The books listed above aren’t the best realistic fiction books for young adults but for kids. After reading these realistic fictions for kids, they will get a good idea about the realities of life. These books are written by one of the best realistic fiction authors, and they depict real-life challenges with their fine writing style to attract kid readers.

William Douglas’s You Can’t Go Back – The Kaleidoscope of Choices Part 2 is a tale of the extraordinary world of Kaleidoscope. The book is about the tension-filled countdown of Alan’s life when he faced the sad realities of life. Between the collision of love and loss, he learned valuable life lessons. When you reach the book’s core, you will fall in love with the characters. If you want to witness the transformative power of choices, read this book, available only on Amazon.


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